Folkart Narlidere is a project with a 70.000 m² area in Izmir. This luxurious housing project has normal and duplex houses with a total of 168 residences and it offers its resifdents many social facilities like open and closed swimming pools, sauna, gym, children’s playground, etc. Large terraces, façade, structural features and water gain a unique effect with LED lighting and these spaces become more animate with LEDs Vetaş Electric & Lighting.

Folkart Narlidere houses situated in one of the most valuable land of Izmir brings a new perspective to the housing sector with the materiel used in design and architecture. The project whose location is 1500 meter away from the sea consists of 168 residences on an area of 40 thousand square meters in total Vetaş Electric & Lighting.

The lighting details of Folkart Narlidere Residences shedding light to housing projects that will be designed in the future are complementary for design with its very different and innovative project from conventional housing construction. Besides helping architectural details take over, the use of LED lights puts emphasis on night landscape with its different perspective about design. The project in which lighting was used as an architectural language and an important element of the place LED technology was mostly used in public places. From outdoors to the floor balcony in different places, 11 different types of LED lighting elements were used in most of the project Vetaş Electric & Lighting.

Most of the multiple choice application techniques offered to designer by LED technology were revived in Folkart Narlidere residences. RGB LED lighting system which works when it gets dark was used within elements separating balcony used as an element separator in balconies found in every floor while rounding residential constructions. Designed with High Power LEDs, 302 pieces of Color Power Line product was used in total. The system with DMX data signal about 1 km cable distance can be controlled just from one center by DMX Control Panel. A very different perception is created in the overall image of the project to create the desired color for all balcony separator elements found on every floor at the same time. Fruit trees on balconies and oleander trees found within steel construction separating inner courtyard from outdoors were also illuminated with LED spots.

Asymmetrical products of recessed type with Power LED were used on floor corridors indoors. Owing to asymmetrical design of the products, both architectural details were foregrounded with light by the local reflection created without disturbing users and the visuality desired in vertical was caught. Besides, LED recessed products were used in order to create light traces on floor to highlight apartment entrances and elevator fronts again Vetaş Electric & Lighting.

Pedestrian passages were illuminated with LED lighting products which are in form of square recessed on walls, floor stairs, parapets and pedestrian platforms and which has a direct light. Besides, the columns were ensured to be illuminated with ground recessed LED lighting elements in closed parkings located on column edges so that a different effect could be created with the light in parkings. Inpool LED lighting elements were used in all of the fountains of landscape so a visual richness was provided in pools Vetaş Electric & Lighting.

Folkart Narlidere Residences highlight the importance of lighting with many multiple choices one more time like creating traces on floor or in vertical, foregrounding a architectural element with direct light and illuminating an architectural element homogeneously because of different products used. Folkart Narlidere Residences one of the most largest housing projects in which 8896 pieces of LED lighting elements and LED technology were used in Turkey will be an inspiration for many forthcoming projects in the future with its technology used, materiel diversity, energy saving and quality of light.

Products Used:

- 81 pieces DA-CL18-RGB      MALANA / Color Power Line 18 - 50 cm. - RGB
- 221 pieces  DA-CL36-RGB REX / Color Power Line 36 - 100 cm. - RGB
- 1899 pieces DA-CAO3   LILIUM / Power Lawn Lighting 3 - Warm White
- 1673 pieces        DA-GAO3 RADIX / Power Ground Recessed Lighting 3 - Warm White
- 864 pieces DA-GA52  SOLVO / 52 LEDs Ground Recessed Lighting - Warm White
- 271 pieces DA-GAA-01 TERRA / 5 LEDs Ground Recessed Lighting - Warm White
- 317 pieces  DA-GAA-03 TERRA / 5 LEDs Wall Recessed Lighting - Red
- 1863 pieces DA-KDD TERRA / 5 LEDs Wall Recessed Lighting - Red
- 1102 pieces DA-HA20 MINGO / 20 LEDs Pool Recessed Lighting - Blue
- 605 meters DA-LH AVEO / 36 LEDs Flexible Linear Lighting - Warm White

Location: Narlidere – İzmir 2008

Architectural Project: Emre AROLAT

Landscape Architectural Project: Deniz ASLAN

Product Sales & Application: Vetaş Electric & Lighting

Photographs: Murat TANRIVERDİ & Tolga TOKALI


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