Kempinski the Dome whose architecture reflects Selçuk style is located in a natural beauty called Belek in Antalya and this hotel has 157 rooms and 18 villas set in the midst of the Sultan golf course featuring pools. Kempinski the Dome incorporates architecture with lighting where LEDs are widely used to give effects on its design.

Kempinski The Dome Hotel with its unique beach, luxurious golf and Wellness & SPA facility is located in Belek where turquoise blueness of Mediterranean meets emerald greenness of magnificent nature.

Turkey known for many civilizations and different cultures has a very rich historical heritage sharing with its guests. Kempinski Hotel The Dome not only reflects huge architectural features of 11. century Seljuk Empire but also holds modern hotel design, technological lighting systems and modern structures.

The hotel which reflects Seljuk style has 157 rooms and 18 private villas.  Villas with pools are located on the shores of artificial lake of The Sultan golf links. All of the rooms were equipped with the latest hotel room technology and the hidden lighting of all rooms and villas were created with 11.000 (11 km) LED linear lightings of 1 meter. LED lighting system designed and applied with the philosophy of art as a light integrates perfection of light quality with structural elements.


When the hotel architecture reflecting Seljuk style is considered, true colors were used to foreground the details in architecture and this lighting was made with daylight LEDs all over the hotel.

In general places, charming Seljuk wall motifs were foregrounded with hidden LED lightings by illumination. Because of LED lighting as a complementary with architectural elements of our cultural fan not given up will be left to this bridge from back to future, it is integrated together as structure and light speak the same language.

LED lighting system from Lobby, Lobby Bar, Reception, Restaurants and Bars, Wellness & Leisure Places, The Dome SPA Places, Meeting  Rooms, Rooms, Suites and Villas, Atriums to Stained Glass Domes and all hotel corridors was applied on wall and ceiling details of all these places in a large area successfully.


Inner pools in Spa and Thalasso care centers are illuminated with RGB LED System from the inside of Barisol ceiling.While it is possible to create 16.7 million colors with RGB LED System used as core lighting, infinite effect options can be done with a remote control to create an atmosphere you prefer in that place. It is also possible to stop the color change where you prefer or set the color change speed during effect mode and set dim speed with this lighting system. A riot of colors can be created with this system coloring the pool ceiling from ceiling to pool.

Enabling its guests to swim under a sky changing its color, this pool of Thalasso Center is complementary with Spa facilities with its Jacuzzi surrounded by waterfalls and Japon Zen garden equipped with tents where the massage is outdoors and offers a unique chance for people who want to get relaxed.

Apart from many different facilities, there are separate beauty and care rooms in Spa. Giving some kind of light therapy, light of LED Lightings coming through wall and ceiling details makes guests calm and comfortable.

Architectural Project: Kürşat AYBAK

Interior Architectural Project: Hakan KÜLAHÇI

Product Sales & Application: VETAŞ Electric & Lighting

Photographs: Tolga TOKALI


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