Altınova - Antalya - Turkey
  • Category: Retail
  • Country and City: Altınova - Antalya - Turkey
  • Date: 2008
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Interiors and the façade of Atlanta Center the design of which shows a fabolous visuality are all created by LED Lighting. By illuminating the motifs of façade from inside with High Power LEDs, lights let the whole building foregrounded and make façade lively because of LED linear lightings. The place is illuminated for many purposes in various ways. Recesses of this shopping center where products are exhibited are lightened by modules with Osram High Power LEDs, so the products here are foregrounded owing to the true color LEDs allowing the desired light effects with the right Lens for design VETAŞ Electric & Lighting.

Indoors and unique facade of Atlanta Center which was built and invested by Metati Turism were illuminated with LED Lightings.

Unlike standard front designs, building front design integrating facade with lighting offers a unique and magnificent vision. The whole building was tried to be emphasized with light by illuminating the facade construction in the form of design from inside with Color Power Line projectors powered by High Power LEDs used between facade wall and coloring construction.

Besides, LED line bar lightings and crown details on the building were illuminated lineally while a movement was brought to facade VETAŞ Electric & Lighting.

Furthermore, colons in entrances of AVMs were also illuminated vertically with Spot projectors of Color Power by using acute angle lenses and interior of cassettes on ceilings in entrances were illuminated with LED line bar lightings lineally again.

Facade lighting projectors with Power LED we see in facade lightings frequently provide a functional lighting really. It is possible to create a visually effective and decorative lighting with this product offering designers many limitless alternatives complying with Lens (angle) alternatives requested to be created.

Being very effective with its facade lighting, this structure also offers a very flashy design richness. Thanks to its lighting diversity selected in detail, every point of the place is illuminated in different purposes and forms. Wall nishes where products exhibited indoor of the shopping center with two floors were illuminated with daylight High Power LED whose trademark modules are Osram. With the selection of Lens (angle) complying with the design, the light effect requested was created and with one of LEDs’ important feature known as “true color” reflecting true color, the products exhibited were highlighted in the shopping center.

Moreover, illumination with daylight LED line bar lightings on cove lighting provided a unity horizontally and vertically.

As seen in this design, it was proved how a visual feast was created by the effect of LED lighting on design with the selection of a right product and right application.

Architectural Project: Giza Design

Interior Architectural Project: Giza Design

Product Sales & Application: VETAŞ Electric & Lighting

Photographs: Tolga TOKALI

The used products

Indoor Products
Indoor Products
OPTOTRONIC OT 75-220-240-24
OPTOTRONIC OTe 9-220-240-350 PC
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