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Riva Diva the holiday resort on Lara Beaches is only 15 km away from Antalya city center and 18 km to Antalya airport. The Riva Diva hotel lies on the coast where the the nature of mountains meets sea. Guests have an advantage of using indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sports courts and shopping center in addition to Turkish bath, gym and steam room. This hotel covers many facilities with impressive decoration to please its guests by offering LEDs the most advanced technologies carefully located in its architecture.

Riva Diva Hotel fifth one of Riva Hotels built and managed by Kayı Group opened in Lara in 2003 the center of entertainment and beach activities where lie the magnificent sea and the unique nature of Antalya and it is known to be the first hotel in Turkey where LED Technology has been used in common places of the hotel.

This elegant hotel in which the latest technology was used and designed modernly has 390 rooms with 791 beds in total and the lighting of all common places were created with LED linear lightings of 1 m about 3500 pieces (3,5 km). Small scale projects about LED lighting were brought to life until the application was made. While there were still questions in the minds of managers and designers in Turkey about LED technology used for general lighting, the source light of 21th century was approved for use by the top managers of Kayı Group with a radical decision. 

This decision taken gives the hotel management many advantages like; it was proven that LED to a energy-saving of 144 billion a year (2003) when compared to the equivalent light sources the managers decided for Riva Diva which is the pioneer. When LED’s lifetime is considered to be about 100.000 hours and in case of a 8-hour use daily, LEDs have the advantage of a life span lasting over 35 years. By energy-saving LEDs, the costs from infrastructure to transformer power are decreased. The fact that LED lighting kits don’t heat while being the source of cold light, cooling systems aren’t charged with electricity. When the exchange of voltage problem in Turkey is taken into consideration, LED lighting kits operating up to a fall of 150 W without any loss of performance remove a great disadvantage on this matter. 

Apart from LED linear lightings of 1 m used for common places, different models of LED products were used decoratively and effectively in the indoor and outdoor places of the hotel.  

Floor Halls

Four mono block- and 5 floor- hotel is illuminated with the core LED linear lighting of 3500 m in total on floor halls. The light coming through the plasterboards from the daylight LED lighting armatures lying longitudinally to all floors creates a calming and peaceful environment.

Lobby and Reception

Lobby and reception areas were illuminated with the core LED linear lightings built from the glass ceiling of the hotel main-entry to the plasterboard inpools. Here, colors different from the light color on floor halls were selected to make difference in places. LED lighting products with true light color for decorative and common purpose lighting offer indefinite possible solutions.


In the hotel, there are elegant restaurants and amusement centers of high quality with personal designs. The hotel has many restaurants with variety of tastes selected carefully from distinguished world cuisine for special guests such as 5 A la Carte Restaurants (Le Kebap, Chinese, Sea Food, Special-Fondu, Sushi and Italian) and Wine house together with a terrace of 550 pax and a main restaurant of 600 pax. The places mentioned are illuminated with core LED linear lightings from plasterboard inpool on ceilings, which create diversity with other light sources in that place again. Plasterboard spaces with geometric designs on ceilings are illuminated with red color by using flexible LED linear lightings in the restaurant area. Also, LED spots of different colors in the plasterboard spaces of walls were used as place’s complement to illuminate decorative glass vases here. Thus, a softness was created by reflecting different colors of LED both from the ceiling and walls.   

Amusement Center

A core lighting application of LED similar to the application of Modern Restaurant was carried out again with the use of flexibility feature of LED linear lighting to create a decorative homogenous lighting placed at circular ceiling edges of amusement center in Riva Diva Hotel providing its guests with Lobby Bar, Snack Bar, Pool Bar, Beach Bar, Vitamin Bar, Horoscope Bar, Show arena Bar, Bowling Bar, Night Club and Cafe Turkish. Also, effect and LED spot applications on ceiling were carried out with LED linear lighting under the bar bank of indoor Disco next to the amusement center.

Health Centers

Riva Diva Hotel offers its customers Turkish bath, sauna, massage, Jacuzzi, steam room, Fitness center, beauty saloon to make them leave the hotel healthily, freshly and happily. Domes were illuminated homogeneously with LED linear lighting on the dome ceilings of Fitness Center. Blue LED linear lightings offer its guests a peaceful place in sauna room. LED lightings which have a calming effect on people were also used with different designs in resting rooms.   

Outdoor Lighting

LED lightings enrich many places of Riva Diva Hotel which is about 25.000 m². As the color of light is its “true color”, LED lightings reveal their big difference among other light sources. Riva Diva ENTERMATION offers its guests wishing to live all colors and the enthusiasm of entertainment perfectly a very interesting and an amusing atmosphere which will let them feel the live music with a sense of entertainment in every activity for the first time. Intensifying these colors, LED linear lightings replaced by illuminating bar bank of Pool Bar. Besides, commodore Shed next to Pool Bar takes over from inside and outside with the illumination of LED projectors. Blue LED lighting armatures used on the dance floors in front of anfi theater and Pool Bar make a very different effect on the floor.

Olive trees in front garden where Riva Diva Hotel welcomes its guests are illuminated with green LED projectors. Besides, a unity was provided between light and architecture of the building at building frontage of the hotel entrance with the help of LED lighting armatures with a two way lighting located on frontage colons of the hotel. The image of a lighthouse was created with the red and green LED projectors in the east and west towers of the hotel. Trees which are located in common-use places and most of which are palms are illuminated with a different kind of LED projector.

Assimilating LED Lighting Technology that much which has been the first big revolution since bulb was invented 119 years ago and using the advantages of this improved technology, Riva Diva Hotel has a become a pioneer of this revolution with its lighting in Turkey.

Now, Riva Diva Hotel the pioneer and 7 5-star hotels use the LED Lighting Technology for indoor and outdoor lightings.

Location: Lara – Antalya 2004

Architectural Project: Kürşat AYBAK

Landscape Architectural Project: Dr. Türkay ATEŞ .

Interior Architectural Project: Arketipo Design

Product Sales & Application: VETAŞ Electric & Lighting

Photographs: Tolga TOKALI & Murat TANRIVERDİ

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